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SPCA International operates a variety of outreach, rescue and educational programs. Each program is designed not only to begin our own lifesaving efforts, but also to help empower and assist animal activists already operating on the front lines of their communities to save lives. SPCA International has educated hundreds of thousands of people through our outreach initiatives and we continue to have an impact daily through the following programs:

SPCA International Shelter Programs: SPCA International shows its support at the local level every month by awarding multiple cash grants to needy shelters. This money goes a long way to help the shelters improve their physical condition, enhance their spay and neuter programs, and ultimately reduce euthanasia rates.
SPCA International Operation Baghdad Pups Program: This program aids our troops by safely transporting the animals they befriend in the war zone home to the U.S. Operation Baghdad Pups is a logistically challenging program, but it does more than save animals - it also brings comfort, peace of mind and relief to our U.S. soldiers serving overseas. SPCA International receives at least three to four new requests from soldiers, sailors and Marines every week.
SPCA International Education and Support: This program serves as an information hub and a referral resource for animal lovers throughout the world. SPCA Answers connects people with local shelters, helps initiate cruelty investigations, assists animal advocates in their fight against cruelty, offers individual support for people dealing with unique situations, and much more.

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